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Leak Detection – Pierie’s Plumbing

Leaks in your house or garden can be frustrating and costly. Leaking water pipes can go unnoticed for months because, often, there are no obvious signs to indicate the leak. You may notice, however, that your water bill has become unusually high.

Our plumbing team will come out to find the exact source of the leak and repair it as soon as possible.

Most common symptoms of a water leak:

An unexplained increase in your water bill is most often the first and most obvious sign of a leaking pipe. If you are unsure, you can also check if your water meter continues to run even when all the water in your house is turned off.

If this is case, you have a leaking pipe or other leak and should call Pierrie’s Plumbing to help you solve the problem before the leak leads to serious damage that can cost you a fortune.

Besides saving money when you fix your leaking pipes, it is critically important to use water wisely especially in view of the recent droughts in many parts of the country. South Africa is classified as a water stressed country with its limited water resources under tremendous pressure from a growing population, ongoing development, pollution, wetland destruction, alien invasive plants and the effects of climate change.

So, to make your contribution to saving water, make sure you don’t have leaking pipes, leaking toilets or dripping taps. If any of these water-wasting problems occur in your home, call us for a free quote to repair your leaks and maintain your water system.